Programs We Have Supported

As we approach 2018, our goal is to raise $77,000 and we need your support to accomplish this. Your donation is put to use in a variety of ways, for example: 

Annual Art Awards to Young Artists

Our goal is to increase the size of these scholarships to more closely match current, post-high school tuition levels.

Beaverton Civic Theater

Our goal is to expand attendance and participation.

Small Grants Program
Beaverton Arts & Culture Foundation Grant Program provides financial support for non-profit visual, written, and performing arts organizations who server the Beaverton community. Applicants to this grant program can apply for activities or opportunities that address one or more of these five goals:
    • Bring people together by providing opportunities for all people to experience and explore art.
    • Create ways for people to celebrate cultural diversity through art.
    • Help local artists to have a voice and to thrive artistically.
    • Spur the development and stewardship of art.
    • Educate the community on the intrinsic and economic value of art
Funding for BAC grants comes from the City of Beaverton and the Beaverton Arts Foundation. The Beaverton Arts Commission administers the grant program. The number of BAC grants awarded will depend on the funds available in the BAC Grant budget for that year.

Beaverton Intercultural Council

The Beaverton Arts Foundation has expanded its capacity by adding a new committee in 2012, the Beaverton Intercultural Council.Our purpose is to provide supplemental funding of activities on behalf of the Beaverton Sister Cities Program, while broadening the scope of intercultural activities in Beaverto
Our mission is to foster intercultural understanding in Beaverton’s diverse community through international cultural, educational and economic activities.
For more information on how to support the Beaverton Intercultural Council, please contact Cynthia Rozanc at
or (503) 526-2499

Piano has given me a way to express my passion to the world in a way that I could not before in everyday life. I am a quiet person—one who doesn’t necessarily express.